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IIPS is a professional security establishment that provides a world-class security training program that will equip you for effective industrial security operations. Our graduates serve throughout the world as professional technocrats with rich industrial security foundations. We offer a unique blend of scholarly excellence, practical security training and elective courses for professional certification. More than just a security training body, IIPS can tailor an executive training program to your organizations need.

Trainings and Certifications


1 Professional Certificate 2 Advance Professional Certificate 3 Executive Professional Certificate
4. Field Certificate

1.Professional Examination Route (Criteria) ‘’PER”

 Ph.D  M.Sc, MBA (any Masters Degree)  Degree (from a recognized Institution in any subject)  DIPLOMA : For IIPS Professional Qualification, you must meet one of the route criteria stated.

2.Mature Student Entry Route (‘’MSER’’)

For IIPS Professional Qualification via the MSER, application is considered for training to take effect with basic security training and applicant must have a work experience of not less than 3years in a particular organization or firm and have a letter of reference to this effect.

3. Career Development and Training Route (CDTR)

Applicants through this route must be able to read and write. Interpersonal Communication skills are important. And candidate must possess WASC/ SSCE/ GCE/ NECO Ordinary level. However this is a developmental Route with categories • Direct Applications for Professional Certificate in Guards Managements. • Professional Development and Training Route.

What we Do at IIPS


Our foremost industrial security training institute providing highly accessible and enhanced quality professional training anchored by social justice, equity, equality and national cohesion through a comprehensive reach that transcends all barriers as regard to international security.


IIPS conducts research on knowledge systems to explore innovative and modern approaches for high-quality training, with the goal to be a centre of excellence, measured by international standards which is benefiting to our students and to the entire security community in its drive towards a more integrated delivery framework.

distance learning

IIPS distance training programs enable learners and training mangers to interact with each other by means of computers, artificial satellites, telephones or other technologies. Instruction conducted through the mail is often referred to as online correspondence training.


As an autonomous body, IIPS is governed by a Council and is headed by the Director General. The Institute is supported by voluntary collaborations from internationally recognized security organization.

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About IIPS and What We Stand For

IIPS has built sustainable partnership acquiring unique expertise and accumulating experience and knowledge to fulfill its mandate. These accomplishments have enabled IIPS to respond to the growing demand from persons for training and capacity development in the field of industrial security.
The Institute was established with a major vision of filling the professional intellectual vacuum that exists in industrial security. In pursuit of its vision the institute has organized the biggest security gathering any single private organization had ever organized.
International Institute of Professional Security stands tall to the call of the development and training of operatives and addressing the issue of professional certification for security professionals.

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IIPS Institute organises international trainings especially in South Africa and United Kingdom on regular basis and spreading its training to USA, India, Switzerland and Israel.

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To develop and maintain training standards that will improve the quality of job performance by security professionals.

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